Lennartz-Mullen Announce Campaign Strategy

Last week, the Courtney Lennartz and Katelyn Mullen ticket kicked off their presidential campaign and unveiled their platform. On Tuesday night, the duo revealed the strategy for their UPUA presidential campaign during an informal meeting in Willard.

Lennartz and Mullen urged their constituents to come to a Meet the Candidates session, which will be held tomorrow at 10 a.m. in the HUB. While campaigning in the HUB is normally off limits, this session is one of the few times when that rule is suspended in the most traversed building on campus. “We are looking forward to meeting with the rest of the student body in the HUB tomorrow and to share our ideas,” said Mullen. They encouraged their supporters to be rowdy and to hand out flyers to passing students.

The two candidates also began to organize their campaign for Election Day. While a presidential ticket can only have five public polling places set up on campus and downtown, they can share a station with a mutually endorsed candidate. They asked their followers to sign up for shifts in order to work these stations.

Afterwards, the campaign distributed orange t-shirts, and encouraged their supporters to wear them all day, everyday, everywhere (except the HUB–that’s illegal) and to use Febreze heavily.

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