Grillers Still Closed But Plans To Re-Open Soon

Last Thursday, Grillers was closed indefinitely by the State College Department of Ordinance Enforcement & Public Health.

That evening, a sign reading the following was posted on the door of the establishment:

By Order of the State College Department of Ordinance Enforcement & Public Health, this establishment is closed until further notice.

Two additional signs were posted above the original over the weekend:

Due to a grease trap malfunction code will not allow us to operate until we fix the problem. We are working our hardest to correct the problem and will be opened for business asap.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your loyal business. If you want Grillers grilled cheese check out our brotha business, Billy O’s, the newest late night spot. Located past the red light at Garner Street. Grillers is available for delivery online.

Ideally the first sentence on the sign should be free of errors, but Grillers did respond to a pressing problem in a timely and transparent manner, and for that, I applaud their PR effort. The late-night crowd will be relieved to know that soon enough they will be scarfing down dollar grilled cheese sandwiches just like old times.

But as for the meat of the sign: I personally have never been to Billy O’s, nor did I even know it existed (much less that it was related to Grillers), but I can confirm that it does and its location at 431 East Beaver Ave.

The fact that Grillers is still available for delivery online is a little puzzling, and begs the question of where, exactly, the food is being cooked. But then again, some questions are better left unanswered.

If any more information about Grillers surfaces, we will pass it along, but for now, this should be welcome news to the late-night crowd.

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