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Socially Awkward Freshman: 5 Things I Didn’t Do

All my life I have been that socially awkward person standing in the back of the room. Now that I am at college I discovered…. well, some things don’t change much. My freshman year is almost over at Penn State and I’ve spent all my time indoors eating Ramen noodles and reading my math textbook.

If you’re like me and find that all the socially awkward penguin memes apply to you, then probably we’re in the same boat. The typical freshman experience has passed us by, leaving behind a year where we could have been out interacting and getting to know people (or at least have talked to one person).

Here are five things I missed during my freshman year:

1. Going to a football game.

Yes, I didn’t go to a football game my freshman year because I did not have tickets and did not want to buy tickets for a football game. It’s probably sacrilegious and I will be thrown out of the college for saying this, but I really can not stand football. I would honestly rather watch paint dry or do my homework than sit and watch football. People tell me that it is about the experience of being in the crowd and cheering on the team for the school you love, but it’s just too much social interaction for me.

2. Go to THON.

At this point, I am only 2 items into the list and I have probably already angered most of Penn State’s student population. I did not support our football team and I did not go to THON. If I didn’t get thrown out at football, I’m surely getting expelled for this one.

It’s not that I am against the idea of THON, I love that we can pull together and do so much good for the kids. Yet the bright colors of THON just hurt my eyes, and so much enthusiasm in one place would be sure to kill me.

3. Take a picture at the Lion Shrine.

This is actually one thing that I do regret not doing yet my freshman year. I know I look a lot different from I do at the beginning of the year, and it would have been nice to have some sort of memory of a slightly younger Socially Awkward Student arriving at PSU with no clue what a whirlwind this year would be. Every time I hear someone saying that there is something they wish they had done their freshman year, it’s usually taking a picture at the shrine.

4. Skip class because you’re hung over.

Is it really my fault that if I come in contact with alcohol I don’t go overboard? I don’t know, sometimes I feel like that rare person that prefers to retain control over my cognitive abilities at night. But being that Socially Awkward Student it’s not as if I have ever gone to a party on a weekday anyway, much less be too hung over to go to class the next day.

5. Party at a frat house.

Okay I am going to generalize from what I have heard of frat houses, it sounds like somewhere I do not want to be. I will not miss overtly drunk fraternity guys yelling along to whatever trashy music is playing. I will not miss sticky floors (I don’t want to know what they’re sticky with). And I surely will not miss that wonderful experience of the “walk of shame” which is very likely a possibility unless you’re socially awkward like me (see #4).

Looking back, maybe I did not really miss out on that much at all.

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