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Top Ten Under Practiced Campus Courtesies

We all know about “please” and “thank you” — those are common courtesies we exchange with one another on a daily basis. But let’s get into a few other campus courtesies, because they seem to be on the decline.

10. Hold the Door for Others
I don’t care if you’re a bro or a babe…hold the door open if there’s someone behind you. Even if you have to wait a few seconds, just keep it open. I have seen people pull the door shut on other students right behind them. Not cool. And if you abide by the “ladies first” rule, great. Chivalry is not dead.

9. Say “Bless You” After a Sneeze
People appreciate this one. It says “Hey, I’ve sneezed before and I feel your pain.” After three sneezes, they’re on their own though. Even you and your kind words can’t save them now.

8. Limit the Affection
Spring has sprung and love is in the air. However, it would be nice if some discretion was used when you and your partner decide to lock lips. I’m not saying kissing in public is bad, but if you’re getting everyone around you all hot and bothered, then you might want to tone down the romance.

7. Practice Row Etiquette
There is nothing worse than trying to get by the first person in class who decided to take the aisle seat. I don’t want to have my business or backside in your face anymore than you want it there. My advice would be to move closer to the center or get up so people can get by you without getting too personal.

6. Throw Your Garbage Away
Come on. You’re better than that. How are you just going to leave your empty bottles and wrappers all over campus? Get to a trash can and throw it away. Despicable.

5. Don’t Vomit All Over Our Beautiful Campus
Whether it’s due to a legitimate illness or excessive alcohol, it doesn’t matter. Have some pride for yourself and find a restroom. Better yet, if you’re feeling as if you could potentially empty your stomach at any moment, just stay home. You will be doing yourself, fellow students, and any bush on campus a huge favor.

4. Watch Where You’re Walking
Just because you’re on the phone and yapping away like an idiot, it does not give you the right to run into people. Walk like you recognize the fact that you are sharing the sidewalk with other human beings.

3. Get Off Your Smartphone and Listen to Your Professor 
I find this extremely rude. If your professor allows it then obviously it’s fine. However, if you are blatantly on your phone in class and playing a game then why are you here? Respect the professor’s time and pay attention. You might learn something, but I can’t guarantee that.

2. We Get it, You Can Crack Your Knuckles
This doesn’t bother me, but I know it bothers other people. I still can’t believe  how many times people can and will crack their knuckles during a 50 minute class. It’s sort of like a talent that no one finds impressive.

1. Stay Inside Your Personal Space
You get one seat. One desk. One small area that you are confined to like the rest of us. You are not special enough to spread out into other people’s areas. Oh, you want to stretch your legs on the back of my chair? Well, I’d like a bed and a foot massage when I’m in class, but you don’t see me lying down and kicking my shoes off. The latter would clear the room out rather quickly.

Those are just a few things that I’ve noticed on campus. I bet there are more things on campus that get you riled up though. What might they be? Post a comment below.

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