Top Ten Reasons to Ride a Bike

Bike rack

The sun is overhead. The temperature is rising. Yes, ladies and gentlemen…it’s bike weather.

But why? Why would you even want to bother with those darn things? Well, I’ll tell you why:

10. You Can’t Ride a Unicycle
That’s the only reason you’re on that bicycle, you pansy.

9. If You Get a Bell, You Can Ring at People
It’s not exactly a car horn, but you’ll get some people’s attention with it. Put a basket on the front of the bike and you’re straight out of the 1950s. The Wizard of Oz comes to mind.

8. You Can Learn the Signals
I remember learning the signals you’re supposed to use when you’re on a bike, but I don’t remember the specifics. Even at volleyball games, I’m lost.

7. You Can Act Like a Car When You’re Not
Some bikers get right in the thick of that traffic. More power to them. I don’t have enough faith in myself or my balancing ability to be riding next to an 18-wheeler.

6. Hair in the Wind
Who doesn’t like to let their hair fly in the breeze?

5. No Waiting for Buses
When you have to go, you go. You’re independent. Free from the constraints of the Cata bus schedule.

4. Faster than Walking
Yeah, biking will shave some travel minutes off of your journey around campus. That trek to Mateer just got a little more interesting, huh.

3. Registration is Free
It’s easy, but make sure you do it today. Any bike not registered today could be confiscated.

2. Great Exercise
You can burn some major calories when you ride your bike all day long. With beach season right around the corner, I don’t see a problem with shedding some extra lb’s.

1. This Weather
Having a bike gives you a great reason to be out in this weather. It’s not California, but at least we’re making some positive strides toward less frigid temperatures.

There you have it. If you own a bike…get out there and ride, baby.

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