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Day: April 23, 2012

Hashtag Goes Viral in Support of THON Child

Last night the hashtag #PrayingForEm exploded on Twitter showing an overwhelming amount of support for THON child Emily Whitehead who is currently fighting leukemia. Check out how it happened after the jump.

It’s More Than Just Dodgeball

Nobody A wise man once told me, "Dodgeball is 90 percent heart and 10 percent skill." It was with those words in mind that I suited up for the First Annual Spring Media Dodgeball Spectacular. The wise man was wrong. Well, sort of.

Hazing: An Unspoken Problem Not Gone

Hazing is wrong. There, I said it. It's one of the most polarizing issues on college campuses yet nobody wants to talk about it. It's like racism in modern American society. We know that it's still an issue, yet we want to pretend it isn't. Well, hazing is still an issue, and it's not going to stop unless we do talk about it. The vicious cycle of being hazed and then believing that one has earned the right to haze will never stop unless people come out and talk about it.

#MusicMonday: The Last Week of School

Here we are. It's the final week of the semester. For many of us, it's crunch time, with final projects and papers coming due, and finals week approaching fast. Or maybe you're just spending your last days in State College dicking around, drinking on the porch of Café 210, daylonging or lying in the grass. Either way, you're going to want some sweet tunes to accompany your plans. Lucky for you, you've got Music Monday. This week's selections are brought to you by Meghin Moore, Alex Federman, Drew Balis, Bobby Chen, Zach Berger and Matt D'Ippolito.

And to Think That I Saw It on Pollock Road

I don’t do drugs, nor do I condone their use. I prefer to live my life according to the words of Marcus Garvey. “The man who is not able to develop and use his mind is bound to be the slave of the other man who uses his mind.”

But dudes, Friday was 4/20, the high holy day of the stoner population. And I don’t know what those guys were on, but I thought it spread across campus and I had caught a whiff of it. I saw some freaky stuff on Pollock Road by the HUB, and second-hand dope seemed like the only logical explanation.

Putting the “Pennsylvania” in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Pennsylvania. The most important state in the United States. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed within its borders. Three cities (Philadelphia, York and Lancaster) can proudly declare that they were the nation’s capital at some point in our country’s history. The turning point of the Civil War was fought at the Battle of Gettysburg.

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