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Day: April 26, 2012

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Penn State Police Investigate Hazing Incident

Penn State University police are investigating an assault against a freshman woman that, according to the victim, occurred as part of a purported initiation rite into an informal social group at main campus.

PSU Men’s Volleyball Hosts EIVA Championship

The top-seeded Penn State Men's Volleyball team is serving as the host for the EIVA Championship this weekend at Rec Hall.

Examining the Paul Jones Love Affair

Head coach Bill O'Brien is not sure who his starting quarterback is right now and may not know for a few months; however, if the decision was up to the fans, Paul Jones would already have a stranglehold on the job.

I Don’t Care About Your Study Abroad

Remember when all your friends left to study abroad and it was so melodramatic, like "Ugh, what am I gonna do without you?! I'm gonna miss you so much, don't worry you're gonna have the time of your life!!" Vom. The truth is life went on just fine without all of them but you can't just say that. Because they're going to gush all about how "fabulous" and "cultural" life abroad was (tell me about hostels again, please!?) and you have to come up with some bullshit to reciprocate when they ask, "So what did I miss out on??"

What’s Up With the THON Overall and Nickelback?

Last month, Will Martin was named Overall Chairperson of THON 2013. This seemed like a pretty solid decision, as he was THON 2012's OPP Overall and seemed very enthusiastic about THON. After he was announced as the THON 2013 Overall, I went back and read Ryan Kristobak's profile on him. One part stuck out like a sore thumb. Find out which part after the jump.

Study Spots: Top 10 Hidden Gems

Let's face it, unless you're a closet nerd like myself, the only time you're concerned with where to study is during finals week.

I cannot study unless there are comfortable chairs and pleasant surroundings; I am thoroughly convinced that the quality of study is directly proportional to the quality of the cushion in your chair. So since I'm done with my finals on Sunday, I figured I'd release a few gems -- the best study spots around campus. Some places you'd never think of and some buildings you've probably never been in, but they're all excellent places to study (most have comfy chairs).

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