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Study Spots: Top 10 Hidden Gems

Let's face it, unless you're a closet nerd like myself, the only time you're concerned with where to study is during finals week.

I cannot study unless there are comfortable chairs and pleasant surroundings; I am thoroughly convinced that the quality of study is directly proportional to the quality of the cushion in your chair. So since I'm done with my finals on Sunday, I figured I'd release a few gems -- the best study spots around campus. Some places you'd never think of and some buildings you've probably never been in, but they're all excellent places to study (most have comfy chairs).

Out of the Darkness Walk: Walk for a Purpose

Everyday we wake up, put on our shoes, and walk. We walk to class, we walk to work, or we walk to meet with friends. Everyday, we mindlessly walk to a destination determined by our schedules. But this Sunday, some students will walk for a purpose.

One State Without Shoes

The Penn State TOMS Club is hosting today a One State Without Shoes event in conjunction with the TOMS One Day Without Shoes. This event is to raise awareness of the major problem in shoe deficiency in foreign countries by walking an entire day without shoes.

TOMS Club “Style Your Sole” at the HUB

The Penn State TOMS Club is hosting a “Style Your Sole” party on the HUB lawn this Sunday, April 1 at 1:00 p.m. Come out to style your shoes and clothing while helping out a great cause at the same time.

Vegetarian-Friendly Places Downtown

I'm no vegetarian, but I can imagine the difficulty it is to find anything to eat when it seems like every eating establishment tailors their menu to its carnivore consumers. But once you leave the HUB island, the downtown area actually provides a selection of different places for vegetarians to enjoy food choices other than salads. Here are 10 vegetarian-friendly places in downtown State College to save you from the HUB's salad bar and veggie dip.

Foster-Foreman Conference of Distinguished Writers

The College of Communications' Foster-Foreman Conference of Distinguished Writers is this week. This semester’s speakers are Sports Illustrated senior writer, George Dohrmann, and national intelligence reporter for The Washington Post, Joby Warrick. Find out more after the jump.

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