Month: April 2012

The Soundtrack to Your Year

we’ve compiled a list of the songs that are bound to remind you of the 2011-2012 school year here at State. Whether they mark your first taste of freedom as a freshman or they represent a bittersweet goodbye for all you seniors, these tracks are certain to take up a special place in your heart from this point forward (even the overplayed ones—especially them).

Evan’s Senior Column: Let’s Get Weird

This is weird that this is my last Onward State post, right?

Like, I co-created this site with my buddy Eli and my randomly-assigned roommate (and buddy) Davis during the fall of freshman year. And now, almost four years later, I’m writing a goodbye post? And there are people who aren’t my parents who will read it? That’s bizarre to me (and probably even more bizarre to my 18-year-old self).

Senior Writes Final Column

Senior columns, with all their melodrama and platitudes, usually leave me eye-rolling and shaking my head with a vigor usually reserved for study abroad blog posts. But, as I graduate a week from today, I figured I should give it a go myself. Rather than discuss the origins of Onward State like Evan,  I’d just like to briefly thank a few individuals who have defined my Penn State experience.

What to Wear for the Mifflin Streak

Find out after the jump.

It’s Hard Out Here for a Photog: Shawn Inglima’s Senior Column

“Oh you just point and click right? Don’t you just upload them and that’s it?”

I wish.

10 Questions With Ludacris [VIDEO]

When I first heard that hip-hop star Ludacris would be performing at Movin’ On this year, I jumped at the chance to interview him. After many emails, a lot of patience, and just a little bit of luck, Luda finally agreed to let me as him a few questions. Check out the video after the jump to find out more about his salary, his driving habits, and his past experience as a Blockbuster Video employee.

Board of Trustees Candidates Profiles: 61-86

With the alumni Board of Trustees campaigns in full swing, Onward State has now released short profiles of each candidate. Each profile includes a very brief bio with links to their mission statement, website, Facebook page, and Twitter if available. A record 27,000 votes have been cast as of Thursday. Penn State graduates have until 9 a.m. on May 3rd to cast their vote.

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