Victim 7 Testimony: Abuse Started in 1995 [Graphic Content]

Victim 7, as he is known in the Grand Jury report, was the fourth alleged victim to testify in the first three days of the trial.

Victim 7 started attending Second Mile summer camps in 1995 when he was 9 years old. “I had some problems in school and The Second Mile was more towards troubled kids to get them to do more team based things, and to get you to be more social,” Victim 7 said.

He said he met Sandusky in the fall of 1995. “I met him at the Natatorium, where we were taken during one of the summer camps,” Victim 7 said. “I remember getting out of the pool and being approached by Mr. Sandusky and him asking me if I wanted to go to Penn State games.”

Soon, Sandusky began picking Victim 7 up at his house on Friday nights for Saturday games. He said that they would then watch his son’s high school football game, or go throw the football around at Holuba Hall.

“I went to every single Penn State game from 1995 to 2009,” Victim 7 said. He said that Sandusky provided him tickets from 1995 to 2000. He said the abuse started shortly after he went to his first football game in 1995.

“He had this habit of putting his right arm on my left leg and squeezing. Sometimes, he’d squeeze to the point where I would cry out in pain,” Victim 7 said. “Eventually, he started to work his hands up my leg. He started to go inside my shorts if I was wearing shorts. One time I was wearing pants and a belt, and he went inside my pants and touched my penis.”

Victim 7 said that he would try to avoid sitting in the front seat so that Sandusky would stop touching him. “Sometimes there were other kids in the car, and he would seem to do it to whoever was in the passenger’s seat,” Victim 7 said. “I would try to get in the back seat so he wouldn’t do it to me.”

When Victim 7 was touched, he said his primary reaction was to move as far over to the right of the seat as possible. “I didn’t want to make Mr. Sandusky angry in any way, so I tried my best to get away to not make him angry,” Victim 7 said. “Going to football games was very special to me.”

Victim 7 slept over at Sandusky’s house before Penn State football home games. Victim 7 said he slept upstairs in his house, and Sandusky would come up at bedtime. “I remember Jerry coming up behind me and – I like to use the word cuddle – but it was more like him wrapping himself around me,” Victim 7 said. “I remember saying, ‘Can you please go. I need to go to sleep.’ And typically he would.”

Sandusky would be shirtless during these encounters. “To this day, I’m repulsed by chest hair,” Victim 7 said. “I remember the feeling of it being pushed up against my back, and it just made me hate it. I just have this thing now, to this day, where I hate chest hair. I just hate it.”

Victim 7 also said that Sandusky would occasionally rub his nipples. “Sometimes he would bring his arms around my front and caress my nipples in my chest area,” Victim 7 said. “That’s another area that I cannot stand anyone going near, still today.”

Consistent with several other alleged victims, Victim 7 said he was subjected to abuse in the Lasch football building shower room. Victim 7 said he showered with Sandusky 5 or 6 times. The first time, he was at Holuba Hall playing football with Sandusky. When they were finished playing, Victim 7 said Sandusky insisted that they needed a shower, even though Victim 7 didn’t think a shower was necessary.

“I didn’t understand it. I thought it was a little odd. Again, I didn’t want to make him angry so I just went with it,” Victim 7 said. “He took his clothes off, I took my clothes off, and we got in the shower. I remember him trying to shampoo my hair and shampoo my back shoulders at which point I slid down another shower stall and tried to get away. He tried to dry myself off and I said, ‘No, I can dry myself.'”

In another instance, Victim 7 had contact with Sandusky in the shower. “One time, he came up behind me and put me in a bear hug, basically to the point where I was physically hurt. He would try to lift me off the ground. His entire front touched my backside — pressed up against me.” Victim 7 said he was only 10 or 11 at the time.

Victim 7 said that he loved going to the football games so much that he didn’t want to anger Sandusky. “I didn’t want my family or anyone to know. ‘I get to go to these games, so I’ll push that part to the back of my mind,'” Victim 7 said. “I didn’t want my parents to keep me from going to games. It didn’t feel right. It felt like something they would get mad about. I wanted to go to games, so I tried to block that stuff out and focus on the positives.”

Victim 7 said that his relationship with Sandusky changed in 1996 or 1997, and that the coach became more distant, although Sandusky still provided football tickets for him. “He had stopped calling me to go to games. He had stopped offering me tickets and things. I thought I did something wrong and I was very, very upset by it,” Victim 7 testified. Victim 7 continued to receive football tickets from Sandusky until 2000, and tailgated with Sandusky until 2008.

Victim 7 didn’t tell anyone about the abuse until he was approached a year ago by police, and testified in front of the Grand Jury.

Amendola cross examined Victim 7 by pointing out inconsistencies with his testimony today compared to what he told the Grand Jury. Amendola read the Grand Jury report, where Victim 7 said, “He never went down and grabbed anything.”

Victim 7 also testified to the Grand Jury that Sandusky never had physical contact with him in the shower room. Victim 7 testified today that there was contact.

“The grand jury testimony was when I was just starting to open that door,” Victim 7 said. He said that he had blocked this part of his life out of his mind, and had a difficult time talking about it with people.

“Through counseling, and through talking about things, I have remembered a great deal more,” Victim 7 said. “What I said to the Grand Jury was what I recalled at the time.”

Amendola pointed out that this new recollection started occurring when Victim 7 acquired legal counsel last year.

Amendola presented a Second Mile application from 2004 in which Victim 7 wrote, “Jerry Sandusky — he has changed my life in a positive way.”

“Jerry Sandusky — he has helped me realize so much about myself. He is such a kind and caring gentleman and I will never forget him,” the application also read.

Court is now in lunch recess.

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