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Day: June 13, 2012

Lasch Building Janitor Delivers Testimony [Graphic]

“I will over rule the defense and permit the Commonwealth to present its evidence.”

Those were the words of Judge John Cleland, after hearing arguments about admitting testimony from a colleague of a former janitor at the Lasch football building. The Grand Jury report references Victim 8 -- yet to be identified -- who was allegedly seen giving oral sex to Sandusky in the shower by a Lasch building janitor. That janitor has dementia, but Judge Cleland allowed heresy evidence to be heard from a colleague who was in the building on the night of the alleged abuse.

Victim 5 Describes Sandusky Shower Incident [Graphic Content]

Victim 5, as he is known in the Grand Jury report, was the first to testify after an extended lunch recess. He described to the jury-- while brushing away years -- an incident that occurred in 1998 where Sandusky sexually abused him in the Lasch football building shower after a workout.

Victim 7 Testimony: Abuse Started in 1995 [Graphic Content]

Victim 5, as he is known in the Grand Jury report, was the fourth alleged victim to testify in the first three days of the trial.

John McQueary Falters on Stand [Graphic Content]

Following his son's testimony yesterday, John McQueary took the stand to corroborate the now infamous shower story told to him over a decade ago.

Legal Analyst: A Guidance Counselor Must Report Any Suspected Abuse Incident

Among the many developments that unfolded yesterday, Victim 1 testified that his school guidance counselor didn’t believe his reports of alleged abuse by Jerry Sandusky. Roger Canaff, a former special victims prosecutor and legal analyst hailing from Washington D.C. provides some elaboration regarding guidance counselors’ responsibilities, the standard procedure for reporting abuse, and more.

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