Dr. Jonathan Dranov Testifies on Day 7

In what is expected to be the final day of testimony for the defense, several key potential witnesses have yet to take the stand. Dr. Jonathan Dranov — who was told by Mike McQueary about the shower incident with Victim #2 on the night it happened in February 2001 —  was the first of these highly anticipated witnesses to testify.

Dr. Dranov recalled what McQueary had said to him that night. “He had gone into the Penn State football locker room. When he came in, he described to me what he heard as sexual sounds,” Dranov said. “I asked, ‘Mike what do you mean?'”

“He couldn’t go on. He just seemed to get more upset,” Dranov said. “He turned and looked toward the shower and made eye contact with a young boy.”

Dranov testified that he asked McQueary if the boy seemed startled or frightened. McQueary said no.

“An arm reached out and pulled the boy back,” Dranov said McQueary told him. “I can’t remember what he said next, but he looked into the shower, and a man came out. It was Jerry Sandusky.”

“It was clear in Mike’s mind that this was an incident that had to be reported. He knew that he had to report it. I encouraged him to report it to his supervisor that was Joe Paterno,” Dranov said.

“Did he describe any particular sex act?” Karl Rominger asked Dranov.

“No he did not.”

“Did he give me any kind of graphic description?” Rominger continued.

“No. His voice was trembling His hands were trembling, he was visibly shaken,” Dranov said.

“I kept asking him ‘What did you see?’ and he kept going back to the sounds. He would get upset when I asked him specifically what he had seen,” Dranov concluded.

Following Dranov’s testimony, a former Second Mile employee testified that McQueary was registered to attend Second Mile golf tournaments in the fall of 2001 and 2003, which would contradict McQueary’s testimony that he stopped participating in events with Sandusky after the 2001 incident.

Harrisburg Patriot News reporter Sara Ganim was called to testify next, but her lawyer requested a short recess before she took the stand.

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