(LS)U Mad Right Now

Maybe anger still lingers from the 2010 Capital One Bowl in which Penn State defeated LSU on New Year’s Day in Orlando giving the Tigers their first bowl loss since 2004. Perhaps the animosity is more recent, stemming from the 2011 season which saw LSU fail to score a touchdown in over 120 minutes of football against Alabama, losing to the Crimson Tide by way of shutout in the National Championship Game.

Regardless, one thing is clear. The creator of this shirt needs to take a remedial grammar class.

You likely picked up on the easy to spot mistake already. By using “then” instead of “than”, they are implying that they would like to shower in Happy Valley first, and then support the Crimson Tide. An odd sequence of events, indeed.

This overall topic has been discussed at length previously. Stuff like this is going to happen for the forseeable future. Such is the nature of college athletics, and freaking out about it every time is not worth it; however, a simple request to all opposing fan bases thinking about doing something like this:

If you do intend to poke fun at a situation that is by no means funny, at least have the decency to proofread and consult some grammar resources. This will save you from looking stupid and seeing posts like this.

Actually, after thinking about it a little more, don’t adhere to the above request. It will be much better to wear the shirt and have elementary school students point out the mistake.

I know that the Alabama fans I met last September are better than this, or at the very least, know the difference between adverbs and subordinating conjunctions.

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Drew is a senior marketing major. This fall, he will be covering Penn State Football for Onward State. He is a huge Philadelphia sports fan and loves THON and Domonic Brown.


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