Day: July 10, 2012

Paterno Family Releases Statement on Freeh Report

Following the announcement that the Freeh investigative report will be released on Thursday, a lawyer representing the Paterno family released a statement.

Freeh Report to be Released Thursday

After much speculation over the weekend, Judge Louis Freeh announced that his investigative report into Penn State's actions surrounding the Jerry Sandusky scandal will be released this Thursday.

Honorary Townies: Summer Life in State College

As soon as classes are out for spring, the majority of the student population flees Happy Valley, only to return for drunken meddling on random weekends like Arts Fest. But there are some students who become know as the "summer stragglers," who find semi-gainful employment at assorted downtown establishments or talk their parents into letting them take summer session classes.

2012 Arts Fest Preview

Apart from being that annual summer weekend when everyone descends back into State College to reunite, the Central Pennsylvania Festival for the Arts actually has a primary function, and a really good one at that. When you walk around downtown, there's a ton of really great artwork and performances that make you wonder to yourself, "What brought all this stuff to the middle of Pennsylvania?"