Day: July 11, 2012

New Policy Bans Children From Penn State Facilities

On the eve of the Freeh Report release, Penn State approved a policy to limit the use of recreational facilities to "Penn State student-athletes and athletics personnel."

Joe Paterno Pre-Death Column Released

Earlier this afternoon, Fight on State (@FightOnState) released a column written by Joe Paterno in "late December or early January" that addresses the Sandusky situation. The column was sent to former Penn State football players this morning, and touts Penn State's tradition of academic and athletic excellence, regardless of what may have occurred internally with the Sandusky scandal.

Your Favorite Penn State Football Moments: The Championship

We have the Final Four of the best moments of the last ten years of the Joe Paterno era. Now it's up to you to determine our champion!

Photo by Dave Cole

10th Annual Lift for Life Set for Friday Night

The 10th annual Lift for Life event, which involves over eighty members of the Penn State Football team, is set to take place Friday night from 5-7 pm at the lacrosse field across from Holuba Hall. There should be a few key differences from the previous nine years.

Karl Rominger Goes Crazy in Deadspin Q&A

The Jerry Sandusky trial has been over for a couple weeks now, but one of his attorneys is still making the news. Karl Rominger, Sandusky's co-counsel, has become well known for his off-the-wall Twitter comments. He smokes fat cigars, drinks with college kids at Zeno's, and just generally has an attitude that people who represent serial pedophiles wouldn't normally have.

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