Day: July 12, 2012

Jay Paterno Should Not Have Appeared on ESPN

Today was another horrible day on top of a horrible year for the Paterno family. Joe Paterno was damned by the Freeh Report, his name was taken off of the Nike Child Development Center, and the Internet has declared war on the Paterno statue.

As they usually do, the Paterno's were quick to respond this morning after the release of the Freeh Report. But that wasn't enough. A little over an hour ago, Jay Paterno went on Sports Center to discuss his opinions of the Freeh Report and uphold his family's honor... He probably shouldn't have done that.

Board of Trustees Addresses Freeh Report Findings

The Board of Trustees has a regularly scheduled meeting in Scranton today and Friday, but they had a great deal more to talk about than at an ordinary meeting. With the Freeh report released this morning, having met and read through the details of the report, the Board addressed the media at 3:30 p.m. today.

Spanier’s Attorneys Release Statement

Graham Spanier's attorneys have released a statement about the findings of the Freeh report released this morning. The report revealed particularly damning evidence of Spanier's actions regarding the child abuse allegations related to Jerry Sandusky. Read the full text of the statement after the jump.

Penn State Releases Statement on Freeh Report

Penn State released their first statement since Louis Freeh's report was issues this morning, and it cites numerous changes in the Board of Trustees operation, as well as plans for the future.

Board of Trustees Press Conference [Live Stream]

Following the Freeh Report release this morning, the Penn State Board of Trustees are holding a press conference at 3:30 p.m. at the Hilton hotel in Scranton, Pa. We have a live stream of the press conference after the jump.

Defending the HUB TV: What Really Happened This Morning

Once the Freeh press conference was over, one of the stories to emerge off the beaten path regarded the television system in the “Penn State student center.” After the jump is an account of what really happened from a writer who was present.

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