Day: August 13, 2012

FDA Called to Investigate Creamery

According to a Penn State Live Report, the FDA is being called to investigate reports of 'foreign objects' in Creamery ice cream

Help Penn State Win “College Colors Day”

Let's show those guys at ESPN, and the hundreds of schools entered, that we're still #1. We've never lost the pride in our school, and we never will. As of right now, we're in 2nd place. Keep the votes coming, because, let's face it, we've got power in numbers.

The Trustee Model of Representation Misunderstood

The Board of Trustees are mandated to manage the welfare of the university. If their governance goes against the whims of the alumni and student body, so be it. It is not the Board’s duty to cater itself to the masses. This is something we -- and I include myself -- ought to remember as the Trustees continue to make difficult decisions for the foreseeable future.