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Day: September 5, 2012

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Sue Paterno Looking Forward to Catholic Center’s Dedication on Saturday

The Suzanne Pohland Paterno Catholic Student Faith Center will be dedicated during a ceremony at 10 a.m. Saturday. "My only regret is the person who shared the vision with me won't be there," Sue Paterno said.

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Freshman Convocation 2012

Is The Prez On Board?

In some senses, Rodney Erickson is among the people in charge of overseeing his job. Erickson, like his predecessors as president of Pennsylvania State University, is one of only a handful of public university presidents who also sits on and has a vote on his university’s governing board, a practice that has come under scrutiny as individuals examine every aspects of the university’s governance structure in the wake of the scandal surrounding former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky.

A Message to the NCAA on Mark Emmert’s Hypocrisy

After the NCAA concluded that North Carolina was not in violation of any rules, it would appear that Mark Emmert & Co. has been very hypocritical in their decision making this summer.

Eastview Terrace Named on Top 10 “Insanely” Luxurious Dorms List

An enigma to many and home to few, our own Eastview Terrace was recently named on The Fiscal Times "Top 10 Insanely Luxurious Dorms" list.

Realistic Advice for Sorority Recruitment

So the first day is over. You did a lot of sweating, gave a lot of dirty looks, and talked about being from a suburb of Philly about 15 million times already. But when you show up tomorrow, and girls have already dropped out and you can't stop freaking out that you have a reading quiz the next morning, you really start to think, "does this crap really work out like they say it will?"

O’Brien Gets Creative to Keep Team Spirits High

In an effort to motivate players and keep spirits high, Bill O'Brien has changed the name of two traditional football terms. Walk-on is now "run-on" and scout team is known as "the dirty show."

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