Drinking Games Guide: Part 1

Beer pong table

Drinking games give Natty a reason to exist. They can make what would be a quiet night in with the roommates a complete shitshow. Most importantly, they give you something to do while you’re enjoying an alcoholic beverage with your friends and fellow Penn Staters.

Plus, why drink one beer when you can drink three…right?

Sometimes you’ll walk into a party and see the classics — beer pong, flip cup, etc. Other times you see a bunch of dudes huddled around a tree stump and flinging a hammer into the air. There are many different ways to enjoy your beverages, and here are a few of those ways.

Keep in mind that rules and names  for all games vary.


You’ll Need: A frisbee, two empty beer bottles, two sturdy poles about 5 feet high (tension rods work well for those on a budget), a drink for each player (four players).

The poles need to be about 40 feet apart (less if the people playing aren’t great with a frisbee). Put the empty beer bottles on top of the poles. Teammates stand on each side of the same pole and throw at the opposite pole, trying to knock down the beer bottle. The receiving team must catch the frisbee everytime (as long as it is deemed catchable by both teams) as well as the bottle if it is knocked off. Both teams must play with a drink in their hand also.

Scoring: Dropped frisbee – 1 point; Bottle hits ground – 2 points; Bottle and friesbee hit ground – 3 points; No drink or dropped drink – 3 points (No points awarded for a caught frisbee that doesn’t hit anything).

Dizzy Bat 

     You’ll Need: A plastic bat with the bottom cut off, beer, a plastic ball, and a few brave souls.

Gameplay varies for this backyard favorite, but basically what happens is a player pours a beer into the bat and chugs it while people count. However long the player takes to chug the beer is how many spins they need to complete. The top of the bat goes on the ground and the handle is placed against the player’s forehead while they complete their designated number of spins around the bat. Once the player is done spinning, another player pitches them a ball or empty beer can and they try to hit it. Then the player falls over (normally).

People can team up and make a full game out of it, or dizzy bat can be a punishment for losing another game. Because that’s what it is — punishment.

Zuma Zuma

You’ll Need: Drinks and people.

This game can be played by using names or numbers. One player, whoever starts the game, is “Zuma Zuma.” So they begin the game by saying “Zuma Zuma” and another player’s name. That player then says their name and another player’s name (Example: “Zuma Zuma John John” “John John Katie Katie”). The first one to mess up that pattern or send the chant back to the same person who sent it to them loses and has to drink. To add to the game, players should do this while hitting their thighs twice followed by two claps (Thigh Thigh Clap Clap).  Also, after each round, the pace of the game can be sped up.


     – You’ll Need: A tree stump, a hammer, nails, and a drink.

This one is pretty fun. Each player starts out with a nail in front of them on the stump, barely hammered in so it is standing up. The first player takes the hammer and throws it up in the air, spinning it so that they catch it ready to hammer. In one complete motion, the player catches the hammer and tries to hit an opponents nail. If you miss, you drink. If you drop the hammer, you drink. If you hit the nail and that causes sparks, everyone drinks. Once a player’s nail head is in the stump, they are out and they drink. Last nail standing wins.

These are a few games to get you started. We’ll have more soon, but let us know what your favorite game is below.


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