PSU Truthville Releases Some Hilarious Videos

As part of their campaign to “seek the truth,” the recently formed PSU Truthville has released a series of hysterical videos detailing the BOTs faults and failures. The videos feature Larry King and “fictional” BOT member Julia Smokescreen, who looks suspiciously similar to Sarah Palin (or possibly Karen Peetz). The videos, which are supposed to exaggerate the the faults of the BOT, end up being more hilarious for the robotic voices and constant pot shots that were clearly written by a disgruntled alumni. Here are the videos for your viewing pleasure:

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Greg Schlosser

Greg is a senior majoring in energy engineering at Penn State. He is a big fan of Pittsburgh sports and sandwiches with coleslaw and french fries. You can email him at [email protected] or find him at the Phyrst drunkenly requesting the band to play "One Headlight."


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