Sue Paterno to Begin Catch-22 Reading Marathon

Do you want to read Catch-22 but have so much homework that you don’t have time to read anything but textbooks and class handouts?  Well now you can do both at the same time, as the first Catch-22 marathon reading event starts tomorrow in front of the library.

For 24 straight hours, volunteers will read the satirical novel Joseph Heller penned in the 1950s while teaching first year composition at Penn State. The novel will be split up into 5-7 minute segments and then passed on to the next reader.

Sue Paterno is scheduled to begin the reading, with other academic guests like Liberal Arts Dean Christopher Long and Schreyer Dean Christian Brady slotted to read during the first day.

Starting at 1 p.m. this Thursday on the lawn in front of Paterno and Pattee Libraries, the marathon will continue nonstop until Friday around 1 p.m, or however long it takes to finish the reading.  Students, faculty, and alumni are encouraged to bring blankets, sleeping bags, and pillows to stay overnight and hear Catch-22 even as they sleep.

Students or faculty wishing to partake in the reading should contact [email protected] with two or three potential times they are available in case one is already taken.  If there’s space, walk-ons will be permitted to read.

So if you are looking for a fun way to digest Catch-22, come to the marathon reading and cross your fingers that it doesn’t rain. Or you could just watch the movie.


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