Day: September 13, 2012

PA Voter ID Decision Remains on Hold

The day has come. Oral arguments have been presented and we were thought to have reached the point many have anticipated. However, the Pennsylvania State Supreme court today put the decision on hold continuing to address questions of the bill's disenfranchisement, and time of implementation.

For a Few Nittany Lions, Navy is More Than a Game

The Penn State Nittany Lions need to focus on winning a football game, but for two players, the contest against Navy is extra special. P.J. Byers and Brent Smith are not your typical college football players. Start with their age. Most guys are not playing at age 26 and 27 respectively. That's not what makes them different though. Their background and military experience before they arrived at Penn State does.

Taking Back Sunday to Play Homecoming Concert

Penn State's Student Programming Association announced this morning that the Punk/Emo band Taking Back Sunday will play at Penn State's Homecoming week on Sunday, September 30th at 7 p.m. in Rec Hall. Tickets are $4.99 for students and $15 for non-students and will go on sale in the HUB on Monday, September 17.

Penn State Law Enters Dubai-ous Partnership

Penn State has entered into a partnership with the Dubai Judicial Institute. Legal Lions will have the chance to study international law in one of the most prosperous states of the United Arab Emirates. The two schools will also coordinate conferences and faculty exchanges.

Bike rack

5 Guidelines for Biking Around Campus

Bicyclists can be spotted all over campus. But should you just hop on and start riding? Or are there things you should know about sharing the road with other vehicles and students? Here's a few thoughts.

Student Town Hall Announced at UPUA Meeting

In an effort to promote an open dialogue between members of the Penn State administration and the student body, the University Park Undergraduate Association is hosting a 'Student Town Hall Forum' on Wednesday September 19th from 4:30 pm until 6 pm.

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