Day: September 21, 2012

Alumni: Don’t be Stupid About the Blue Out

With the Blue Out upcoming, some people posted some "interesting" comments about it on Facebook. Here's what they had to say.

Marine Brent Smith’s Journey to Penn State Football

Freshmen defensive end Brent Smith has served two tours in Iraq and eight years in the Marine Corps. Now a student at Penn State he is perusing his gridiron dreams.

Distraction of the Day: JoePa and Burger King

In this installment of our sporadic Distraction of the Day series, we look at a side of Joe Paterno seldom recognized: the capitalist. In 1995, Burger King invited the head coach of the Nittany Lions to appear in a pair of commercials for the fast food chain.

Seventy-One Year Unbeaten Streak On the Line

The arrival of late September has once again brought about the yearly question: Is this the year Temple beats Penn State? The question first came about as a result of two vulnerable Penn State teams, but that is only a small part of it. The bigger reason for the closer contests is the improved Temple teams.

Munch on History at The Fraser Street Deli

My first thought as I’m walking into The Fraser Street Deli: holy shit this menu is freaking huge. And by huge, I mean there are around two hundred diverse arrays of Boar’s Head Brand Meats and Cheeses, along with 12 different choices of locally baked bread.


Crocodiles Crawl Into State College

Indie-punk outfit Crocodiles are coming to State College. The show at Chronic Town on September 30th -- presented by Penn State’s Students Organizing the Multiple Arts (SOMA) and local music promoter Roustabout -- will feature the San Diego-based Crocodiles, State College local rockers Flashback Forward (who made moves over the summer), and the little-known Philly indie band Swiss Alps.

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