THON Releases 2012 Fundraising Summary

THON released its Summary of Fundraising Activities for the 2011-2012 fiscal year (July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012) late last week. Over that period, THON raised $10,711,765.43 from its four core fundraising categories: individual gifts, corporate gifts, THON store revenue, and fundraising events.

According to the American Institute of Philanthropy, “most highly efficient philanthropies donate 75 percent of their revenue directly to their beneficiary.”

Of the 2012 total, $10,289,884.60 (96.06%) was donated directly to the The Four Diamonds Fund. “Highly efficient” would be putting it lightly for THON.

Here’s the breakdown of each of the category’s contribution to THON’s total gift income:

  • Individual gifts made up $9,127,363.63, or 85.21%, of total gift income.
  • Corporate, foundation, and small business gifts made up $1,035,831.39, or 9.67%, of total gift income.
  • Fundraising events generated $370,624.42, or 3.46%, of total gift income.
  • The THON store generated $177,945.99, or 1.66%, of total gift income.

THON’s 2012 expenses totaled $399,036.90, or 3.72% of THON’s total gift income. This does not include the $22,843.93 retained in THON’s account.

Here’s the breakdown of THON’s expenses:

  • $188,530.86 on event management.
  • $134,146.04 on development, including donor stewardship initiatives, direct mailing campaigns, and printed THON informational material.
  • $76,360 for operations and other administrative expenses, including postage, office equipment, and space usage.

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