Community Help Centre To Host Benefit Concert

The Community Help Centre downtown will be hosting a benefit concert at the State Theatre on Thursday November 8th.

The show, called “Sound Relief” aims to promote and benefit the many services provided by the non-profit resource center, including its 24-hour counseling hotline, Basic Needs case management, Provide-A-Ride, and the Youthful Offenders program. The concert hopes to highlight not only the need for programs such as these, but also to increase awareness of the many resources available to community members in need — Penn State students or otherwise.

The lineup features quite a wide variety of local State College musical acts, from ska/punk band The Wondershop Showdown to progressive house DJ’s Keegan Tawa & Atomisk. The show hopes to attract a crowd as diverse as the performers themselves. Here’s the full band lineup, with exact starting times still to be determined:

The Wondershop Showdown (ska/progressive/punk)







Flashback Forward (pop/punk/90’s rock)

Keegan Tawa and Atomisk (progressive house/dubstep)

Free Rollercoaster (folky acoustic ukulele German pop)

“Sound Relief” will be held at the State Theatre (@TheStateTheatre) from 6-10 p.m. on Thursday November 8th. Any fans of music, or just anyone in general is encouraged to come out and promote this great cause, and help fellow members of the State College community. Check back for updates with @OnwardState as more info becomes available.

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