Top 10 Fall Walking Tunes

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Autumn is the perfect time for walking to your desired destinations, even if it is getting a bit chilly already.

It’s not excruciatingly hot like in summer when you show up with some pit stains in progress. And it’s not like winter when you have to layer up and dodge snowstorms — although, this is State College, so snow in fall is not unheard of. Spring’s alright, minus the fact that there’s no football and there’s that whole “April showers” thing going on.

Yes, fall is a nice walking season. And a nice walking season always needs some solid tunes to keep the feet moving and the mind content. Here’s a list of some old and (relatively) new tunes that will hopefully make your walk a bit more enjoyable:

Bruce Springsteen – Wrecking Ball

I’ll walk to just about anything by The Boss, but I want to give him some props on the title track to his newest album. Enjoy Bruce and his guitar during the intro, and brace yourself for the song’s climax. Awesome horns too. (Other trekking tracks: Easy Money)

NWA – Express Yourself

This one will keep you moving. Gotta love how good Dre’s verses are. And it’s definitely one of the best samples in hip hop. Good luck trying not to dance. (Other trekking tracks: Appetite for Destruction )

Alabama Shakes – On Your Way 

It starts off a little slow, but give it a chance to get going. The Shakes won’t disappoint. Check out guitarist Heath Fogg’s riff around 2:20. It’ll get you going. (Other trekking tracks: Hang Loose)

Mumford and Sons – Babel

The new album by Mumford and the boys is getting some pretty rave reviews. I can’t say that I’m a huge fan, but they’re growing on me, especially with songs like “Babel.” They also just did a great Daytrotter session too. (Other trekking tracks  Atlantic City)

The Replacements – Left of the Dial

One of the truly best alternative bands with one of the truly best alternative songs about finding alternative music. And for all you Replacements fans, there’s new music on the way. Praise the gods of rock! (Other trekking tracks: Can’t Hardly Wait)

Crystal Seth – Heartwood

La la la la – if you’re going to sample Bob Dylan, why not use the song from the Big Lebowski? One of my favorites by PSU’s own Crystal Seth. (Other trekking tracks: Dial Back)

The Clarks – Apartment Song

The Pittsburgh-based band makes some really great music, but it’s not always appreciated. “Apartment Song” showcases some of the band’s best qualities. (Other trekking tracks: Born Too Late)

The Gaslight Anthem – Howl

Off their new one, “Handwritten,” the Gaslight Anthem keep it short and sweet on “Howl.” Perfect song for the walk home from your last Friday class when you’re itching for the weekend. (Other trekking tracks: 45)

 The Low Anthem – Champion Angel

I first heard this one on “Friday Night Lights” and immediately downloaded it. I suggest you do the same. (Other trekking tracks: Apothecary Love)

Bright Eyes – Lua 

Requested by @evanponter. That’s how you know it’s good. (Other trekking tracks: The National – Fake Empire)

Now go grab some of these tunes and get walking.

What are some of your favorite songs to listen to when your walking? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter (@OnwardState).

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