Help Hershey Med Win $10k in Video Contest

The Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center is in contention to win $10,000 to help fight breast cancer, and they need your votes and social media prowess in order to do so.

Crafting a video for the Pink Glove Dance Competition, Hershey’s staff, patients, survivors, and the Nittany Lion (over 600 involved) dance through the hallways, labs, and every other corner of the hospital, sporting the trademark pink gloves. From the Nittany Lion’s opening training session, to the quirky dance moves of those involved and Katy Perry’s ever-upbeat jams, you can feel that this video was made to remind those with breast cancer that they should and will not fight this disease alone.

So how can you help? Here are the steps:

1. Go to:
2. Select “Start Voting”
3. Scroll down and select the grouping “P-R
4. Scroll down and vote for the “Penn State Milton S.” video (and watch the video of course)
5. Share the video on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and wherever else you can!

If Hershey’s video has the most votes by the end of the voting period (November 2), then they will receive $10,000, which they have chosen to donate to the PA Breast Cancer Coalition.

And since you are voting, why not also sign up for the Power of Pink’s Race to Save Second Base 5K that takes place this coming Saturday.

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