SFO To Hold 4 Day Film Festival

Have you ever wanted to make a movie, but struggled to come up with ideas and put your plan in motion? Well, you can set those creative juices in motion with the Penn State Student Film Organization’s annual 4 Day Film Festival this weekend.

The competition will kick off on Thursday, October 18th at 7 p.m. in 203 Willard as groups will receive a crazy random prop, a logline (a one sentence pitch for the movie), and a line of dialogue, which could be something as simple as “What do you mean, in it?.” Groups have four days to make an entire movie, including writing, casting, shooting, and editing it. The completed films will be due on Monday at midnight, and after being judged, the winners will get prizes.

Anyone is invited to participate, even if you’re not a film major or member of the club. From personal experience, it’s a lot of fun, and though the time limit can get stressful, you’ll end up with a funny short film like this:

For those who are wondering, our group’s prop was a suitcase, and the logline we were given was “The vegan sister-in-law of a rancher is trapped.” Fun trivia: The first guy buying a suitcase was the Collegian reporter sent to cover the festival last year. You never know what’ll happen on set!

For more information, email the club at [email protected]

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Alex Federman

Alex is a Senior at Penn State who enjoys watching movies and television shows (probably a bit too much). He's a Film/Video major, with a Spanish minor.


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