So, When Will Penn State Celebrate Halloween?

We have a serious dilemma on our hands here. Halloween falls on a Wednesday and it is yet to be decided when exactly Penn State will celebrate the holiday.

In order to get Happy Valley all on the same page, let’s take a look at our options:

The Weekend Before Halloween – October 26-27:


  • As I am sure you are all aware, it is during this weekend that we will be playing Ohio State. Energy in Happy Valley will be at an all time high during this weekend. If we were to claim victory over the Buckeyes, this would be a Halloween weekend none of us would forget. Plus, as it is a night game, we would have more than sufficient time to recover from Friday night.
  • Because of this match-up, State College will be chock-full of alumni. What would be more entertaining than running around town with a bunch of parents in their costumes of choice (drunk dad wearing a pope outfit > drunk dad in dad jeans, fleece sweater, and department store tennis shoes)?


  • Seeing as there is a night game, it will be a challenge to continue drinking after having spent the latter part of the afternoon throwing back brews and plate-fulls of grilled meats and macaroni salad. And if we do end up losing to Ohio State, it would not feel right to celebrate Halloween drinking away our sorrows.
  • The Ohio State game is a White Out, and so a great amount of party time will be lost in returning back to our abodes to change into costumes.

The Weekend After Halloween – November 2-3:


  • This weekend’s game against Purdue is an away game, so there will be no conflict in the holiday celebration. We will have all of Saturday to rest up from Friday night, watch the game, get our costumes prepped, and comfortably begin the night’s drinking.


  • It is November. This month is all about turkey, football, and honoring our many, many lies to the American Indians, not dressed up as a giant penis or a sexy cat.

What weekend do you think Penn State should celebrate Halloween? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter (@OnwardState).

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