Penn State Students Are Good At Stealing Stuff From the Internet

Most college students are broke. When you’re broke, the little bit of money you have will ordinarily be spent on groceries and beer– the essentials.

One of the last things a college student will spend money on is the newest shitty dubstep or Wiz Khalifa album, or a movie or video game that was recently released. This is especially true when you can just download these things online for free using torrent clients, even though it is technically illegal.

With the help of ScanEye — a website that monitors public torrent usage based on IP addresses — Torrent Freak obtained a list of the most active universities using torrent networks. Penn State University ranks 25th in the country on the list with 381 “hits” since last November.

Penn State’s 381 hits is a far cry from list-topper Rutgers, who registered a whopping 1809 hits. Rutgers top 5 most downloaded files are pretty embarrassing. Apparently the inhabitants of New Jersey really enjoy magnificent films like Fast Five, Cars 2, and Puss In Boots.

New York University came in second with 986 hits. University of Houston (795 hits), University of Southern California (776 hits), and Texas A&M (768 hits) rounded out the top 5.

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