Penn State Cancels Classes for First Time Since 2007

After almost 24 hours of speculation and anticipation, classes at Penn State University Park were cancelled for the first time in years.

The news broke at about 12:30 p.m. this afternoon. University Park was the 13th Penn State campus to announce class cancellations.  The cancellations, of course, are due to the expected landfall of Hurricane Sandy, a massive storm expected to wreck unprecedented havoc on the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic United States.

Classes are officially cancelled until 6:00 a.m. Tuesday, and according to the story, “officials will reevaluate plans for tomorrow…”

“By all accounts, this storm system has the potential to be one of the strongest the region has seen in years. All members of the University community should put their personal safety first,” said University President Rodney Erickson.

At the storm’s worst, State College is expected to be hit with 50-60 mph wind gusts and, over a several day period, 4-8 inches of rainfall. These conditions will likely cause flash flooding, downed trees, minor property damage, and power outages. Residents are encouraged to avoid walking or parking under trees due to the risk imposed by broken tree limbs.

State College is currently under a High Wind Warning until 2 p.m. Tuesday and a Flood Watch until 8 p.m. tomorrow evening as well.

According to Bill Wadell, commisioners signed off on an emergency disaster deceleration for Centre County earlier today.

As of publishing time, 13 of Penn State’s 20 campuses have cancelled class for at least a portion of the day. See map below:

To stay tuned for updates on Hurricane Sandy and the status of future University Park classes, follow @OnwardState on Twitter.

Stay safe, Penn State.

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