Four Classic Halloween Pranks

With Halloween finally here it’s time to get back roommates and friends who have wronged you in some way over the past year. Below is our list of Halloween pranks to seek some revenge.

  • Shaving cream pranks

For this prank you’re going to need one of those plastic bag loaves that bread come in. Once you’ve found one, fill it with as much shaving cream as possible.  Twist the end of the bag to seal it, but don’t twist it too tight. Then place the bag under a roommates pillow and wait for them to lay down.

Is there someone on your floor you don’t like? Hit them with the manila envelope bomb. This is similar to the previous prank where you fill the it up with shaving cream. Seal the envelope enough so that the shaving cream wont spill out but it will burst open if you apply pressure. Slide the opening of the envelop under their door. If you’re doing this in a dorm you can jump on it, spew shaving cream everywhere and leave. If you’re in an apartment building you’ll have to bait your victim first. Just knock on the door and hope your timing is good enough to hit them before they open it or things could get awkward.

  • Mentos Ice cubes

If you’re throwing a Halloween party tonight, this one is a must. Everyone knows what happens when you drop a Mentos into Diet Coke. You can delay this reaction by freezing a Mentos in ice.

First – Stock up on Diet Coke and Mentos (obviously).

Second – Place an ice tray of water in the freezer and let it sit until it’s just starting to freeze.  If the water is not cold enough the prank won’t work and the Mentos will dissolve.

Third – Add the Mentos and wait for the water to freeze completely. Once frozen, the Mentos should hardly be detectable.

Fourth – Just wait for you unsuspecting victim. After the ice cube is dropped into the drink it should take roughly five minutes for a reaction.

  • Shower Pranks

Buy hair dye — find the brightest and most outrageous color as possible. Next take the hair dye and add to the victims shampoo or conditioner. Don’t pour all of it in, though. It might create too runny of a mix and create suspicion. Then wait for the victim to get out of the shower with a camera ready, or you could just say nothing and let them find out on their own.

For another shower prank you’ll need Kool-Aid mix. For this one, just simple unscrew the shower head and place the mix inside. When your victim turns on the shower he or she will be sprayed with the mix. If you’re really looking for a freak out go with a red mix and to create a bloody water illusion.

  • Caramel Onions

Handing out candy to trick or treaters? Why not give them the trick instead of the treat.

For this prank you’ll need to pick up some onions, caramel cubes and sticks.

First – Melt all the caramel in a pot.

Second – Dip the onion in the caramel until it is completely coated.

Third – Insert the stick into the onion. From there you can decorate how you please and wrap the final product in wax paper or plastic wrap.

Fourth – Watch as your victim enjoys a mouthful of onions.

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