Schultz and Curley Face Six Additional Charges

Graham Spanier wasn’t the only former Penn State administrator charged with crimes relating to the Sandusky scandal today. Gary Schultz and Tim Curley, two men who are already facing perjury and failure to report charges, now face six additional charges, including four felonies.

The charges, which are identical for both Curley and Schultz, are listed below.

  1. Endangering Welfare of Children – 3rd degree felony
  2. Endangering Welfare of Children – 3rd degree felony
  3. Obstruction of Administrative Law – 2nd degree misdemeanor
  4. Conspiracy – Obstruction of Administrative Law – 2nd degree misdemeanor
  5. Conspiracy – Perjury – 3rd degree felony
  6. Conspiracy – Endangering Welfare of Children – 3rd degree felony

The entire court docket for Curley can be found here.

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