The Make Space is a Hacker’s Playground

If you haven’t heard about the Make Space, it’s probably because it’s so well hidden. Located in an alley behind the Fraiser Street garage — formerly Innoblue Garage — it can be picked out by the chalk sign on the wall. The Make Space is an open community workspace — or as they would put it, a “hackerspace” — where anyone can come in and work on projects. I heard that there was a lot of cool stuff going on, so I decided to drop by and take a look around.

When I first heard about the Make Space, this wasn’t the picture I had in my head. I thought it would be like a machine shop combined with a computer lab. What I found was pretty much a large student lounge with some weird and interesting stuff everywhere.

This was the first thing that caught my eye: a hydroponic garden.

The back room had a pretty sweet setup. These guys were apparently really into 3D printers.

All of the orange parts on this 3D printer were made on the other 3D printer.

In the back corner, someone was making an electronic drumset.

Overall, I found the Make Space to be an excellent resource for students. It’s a cool place to do work if you’re tired of the library, and it should definitely be utilized more.

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