Meet the THON 2013 Overalls: John Mazzochette

As THON 2013 creeps closer each day, I compiled a little background information on each of the overalls. Today features Hospitality Overall John Mazzochette. Also, make sure to watch the HOS Committee of the Week video at the end of the post!

John Mazzochette, Hospitality Overall

Current Year: Senior
Major(s)/Minor(s): Civil Engineering/Engineering Entrepreneurship
Fun Fact: I have three brothers and our names are Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

1. Why did you want the position of Overall, and why for the committee that you now lead?

I wanted this position as Overall because I want to be in a position in which I am doing as much as possible for the kids, their families and everyone involved in the Four Diamonds Fund. I have always believed that it is our obligation to help those less fortunate then us. As an Overall, I will have a chance to help those who have been indiscriminately subjected to this horrible disease. I am extremely excited to be the Hospitality Overall Chairperson for THON 2013. I choose this position because I have the most experience in this field. I plan to use this experience to improve the Hospitality Committee in 2013 and beyond. I am looking forward to implementing new ideas that will enhance everyone’s experience THON weekend and all of THON’s events.

2. What are you most looking forward to in THON 2013?

Next year I am looking forward to witnessing the growth of THON within the Penn State community and beyond. This is a very exciting time for Mini-THON’s in particular. The number of schools hosting Mini-THON’s has grown exponentially. This past year, Mini-THON’s alone donated over $1 million to THON. We will continue to work with the Four Diamonds Advisory Board to foster this growth. I have attended Mini-THON’s in the past and the enthusiasm these kids show for THON and the kids is truly inspiring.

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