Bringing The Music To A City Near You: Limitless Entertainment

From back stage Aleem Aziz of Limitless Entertainment stares out at a crowded dance floor. Lights flash, bottles of champagne pop, bass drops shake the walls; But Aleem’s eyes stay fixed on the crowd.

It’s those moments that give the music management group, Limitless Entertainment (@LimitlessLive), satisfaction. Being fans first and mangers, organizers, marketers, improv DJs, bouncers and even janitors (when duty calls) second, the mantra “the show must go on” couldn’t ring more true for Limitless Entertainment.

The group is comprised of 5 guys. When I got to sit down to talk with them, it was a “super rare moment” to have a majority of the team in the same room. Some members are based out of New York and the DC Metro Area, but they call Penn State their home base.

And although Limitless doesn’t all hail from the same area code, they share the same goal of putting on awesome shows and spreading the love of good music.

Aleem Aziz is on the management side of the operation. He works directly with artists, he lives out of bags for weeks at a time on tours and he’s the face of Limitless at conferences like Billboard, CMJ and Re-Think Music. Anthony Barresi controls event marketing and getting the word out about events. Brad Betson is an event coordinator. And Mike Margolis and Colin Roth are the partners (or partners in crime as they like to call it) of the brand Limitless Entertainment.

Some acts that are managed by the group includes Penn State’s own mash-up artist, Nammo, and Minnesota-based progressive house producer, Basic Physics. Both Nammo and Basic Physics have played shows nationally in Purdue, Miami and Indianapolis as well as internationally in Mexico.

Limitless Entertainment has also worked on organizing multiple concerts in varying capacities. The group actually started coming together when Colin and Mike were working (Correction: were staffed on promoting the Avicii concert through flyering.) This was the first big EDM act to roll through State College and was brought to the area by Live Nation Entertainment in conjunction with the Bryce Jordan Center. They went on to assist Committee Entertainment with organizing of the State of Emergency event which featured Sebastian Ingrosso and Alesso. Limitless Entertainment has most recently booked 3LAU, Aylen and Doug Bogan at the downtown hotspot for Penn State’s rave scene, Levels Nightclub.

Outside of Happy Valley, Limitless Entertainment has worked on organizing events as locally as Leigh University to all the way out in Arizona. They hope to be hitting 15 markets by this spring.

But even though booking shows is hard work, it makes it easier having roots in Penn State. According to the Limitless team, when artists are asked which scene they want to perform for, they’re always looking for an opportunity to party in Happy Valley.

Watch a video recap of the “3LAU Your Mind” Tour, brought to you by Limitless Entertainment, that came through Levels Nightclub last week:

There have been corrections made to this article to reflect factual accuracy (Evan Ponter 12-6-2012 at 4 p.m.).

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