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Holiday Theme Party Handguide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. December is the time we start to trade in our notebooks for everything peppermint flavored and North Face. It’s also the time of year when you begin receiving invites to everyone’s holiday themed parties. Everyone knows about “ugly Christmas sweater” parties, but there are so many more different types of holiday parties to throw. Here’s a rundown:

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

This is probably the most common of all Christmas themed parties. Who doesn’t love an excuse to wear a hideous sweater all night and have it be (semi) socially acceptable? The uglier the sweater the better. Bonus points for people who go all out and obtain an entire ugly outfit from Goodwill.

Ho Ho Hoes

Just like any stereotypical college party, this gives the female population an excuse to wear lingerie in public — only this time it has to be Christmas themed! You really can’t go wrong with a broad theme like this.

Nightmare Before Christmas Party

This one takes a little bit more involvement. You’ll need black lights, black make-up and possibly some slime green jungle juice to set the creepy vibe. You can have fun with this one or you can make your neighbors think you’re really weird.

Reindeer bros and Santa Clause Hoes

This one is a little less festive than the other options. For this one, boys need to track down a pair of antlers. Girls, all you have to do is wear an outfit with red/white/green in it somewhere and slap on a Santa Clause hat. Or feel free to dress up like the Mean Girls in the infamous Jingle Bell Rock talent show dance. So fetch!

Naughty and Nice list

This theme gives everyone lots of options. One option is to sport that hideous sweater you wore for your ugly Christmas sweater party the night before and be someone on the “nice” list. The other option is to dress naughty, whatever that means to you. Be sure to make it obvious which you are and pray you get more than just coal in your cup.

Once you have your themed picked out, your next step is to find some festive drinks, but don’t worry we found recipes for you. Now that you have that done, time to find some games. I scoured the internet (Googled holiday drinking games) and found the best ones.


What you need: deck of cards and non-breakable ornaments

How to play: Assign every person playing a number or suit. Next you will place the ornaments in the center, the key is to have 1 or 2 fewer ornaments than you have people. After this you will shuffle the cards you have for the people playing and deal the cards out. To start the game, the dealer will say go, and everyone must pass one card to his or her left. The goal is to have a four of a kind or one of every number. Once someone has a four of a kind, they must grab an ornament from the middle, then everyone else must grab one as fast as possible. Those who don’t have an ornament must take a shot/drink.

Drunk Christmas Carols

What you need: Alcohol and Christmas Spirit

How to play: This one can definitely get loud. Gather everyone in your party into a circle and put a shot/drink in the middle. One person starts off singing a Christmas song of their choice. As soon as they stop, the person next to them continues the song. The first person to mess up the song has to drink or take the shot.

Drinking Dreidel

What you need: Driedel and alcohol

How to play: Similar to what you normally do with a dreidel, each side has a various meaning. There are actually two versions of this

Version 1: nun: don’t drink, shin: tell someone else to drink, hay: drink once, gimmel: drink twice

Version 2: Perfect for if everyone is drinking the same thing; nun: do nothing, shin: pour some of your drink into someone else’s glass, Hay: drink half of what is in your glass, gimmel: chug

The Grinch

What you need: the movie the Grinch

How to play: split everyone into two teams: the Whos and the Grinches, then drink every time the narrator says your team name!

Did we miss any of your favorite themes or games? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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