Freshly PSU: A Solution to Your Poor College Diet

Everybody’s been there.  Whether you’re still fighting off the freshman fifteen, or an upperclassman struggling to burn off those last couple of beers, we’ve all struggled with a healthy diet. With the added stress of finals, we don’t even have time to workout. How does one stay on track? Well State College has a secret: Freshly PSU. And they’re here to help you with just that.

Freshly PSU is a new startup business in State College, run by three students here at Penn State, and their goal is to help their fellow classmates make the right and healthy eating choices. I sat down with one of its founders to hear what he had to say.

Freshly was founded by Matt Dantone, Elizabeth Weiner, and Jarret Shapiro who met earlier this semester and realized they all shared one common goal: to help students find an easier and more affordable way to stay healthy. Thus, the idea for Freshly PSU was born.  They got together to create Freshly’s Facebook  and Twitter pages, which shares tips, recipes, and ideas for a healthy lifestyle with Penn State students.

As fellow students, they feel like they are struggling along with the rest of us, and aim to offer support through their page.

“As college students, it’s natural to want to eat healthy to lose weight or look good,” said Dantone.”While this may be the driving force to eat well for many students, there are so many other reasons to care about how you eat. Awareness of how you eat will transform how you live. Your body and mind will thank you, and looking good will be just a positive side-effect.”

Another thing they all had in common was their idea that not all healthy eating has to be an expensive or unpleasant experience.

“Why don’t people eat healthier?” Dantone asked.“Its not a sacrifice, it tastes just as good and can be as convenient as regular food.  Our goal is to make it as easy and as fast without you having to sacrifice taste.”

Freshly PSU aims to expose students to new eating habits and ideas with the goal of getting them comfortable with a healthy diet, so it doesn’t have to feel like a sacrifice.

Matt, Liz, and Jarret get their inspiration mostly from personal experience. And their motto is simple: if it doesn’t work or if they don’t like it, then it won’t be posted. Matt and Liz are kinesiology majors, and Jarret is studying law, and they’ve done their homework. They’ve tapped into local resources, including the dining halls and local farms for ideas to post on their site.

For more information, like Freshly PSU on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter @freshlyPSU!

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