The Hot Sauce Brings Back Funk to State College

For most students it’s not very difficult to find an excuse to hit the bars during Syllabus Week. As if you needed another, the funky jam band The Hot Sauce (@HotSauceMusic) will be rolling through State College this month for a series of bar shows.

While it’s kind of hard to describe the sound of The Hot Sauce, it’s much more difficult to describe the band itself. This is the point where I would normally give some background on the group, but honestly I don’t think I could do better than the band’s own description, taken from the “About” page on their website:

Born from interplanetary freakiness, raised in the Universe, marching to the masses, The Hot Sauce has one mission – to make folks dance! Sensing a need for people to hip shake out of their chairs and spend a few moments in bliss forgetting where you are and just cuttin’ that booty loose, The Hot Sauce was born.

Yeah, they’re that kind of band. Made up of a cast of characters who go by the names Astro J., The Col. Dancemaker, Mofo Dre, Mr. Biz, and C.B. Thompson, The Hot Sauce brings not only funky tunes, but a distinctive style to the bar scene (er, uh… Universe?).

If you’re in the mood to get your funk on, The Hot Sauce will be performing at The Darkhorse Tavern on Jan. 10 (tonight) and 17, and at The Rathskeller on Jan. 12 and 26.

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