The UPUA iPad Plot Thickens: Plaintiffs File Writ Of Mandamus to Seize the Evidence

In what is shaping up to be as climactic as the People of the State of California v. Orenthal James Simpson,  Dray Krishnan et. al v. John Zang et. al. is heating up on campus as the two sides prepare for a hearing. Earlier this evening, UPUA representative Anthony Christina filed an Emergency Petition for a Writ of Mandamus under the authority of Article VII. Section 7. of the Bylaws and Operational Code of the University Park Undergraduate Association Board of Arbitration.

In layman’s terms, Christina wants the Board of Arbitration to seize the two iPads in question until the case is litigated. If you read the news last night, UPUA Chief of Staff John Zang purchased two iPads under the permission of President Courtney Lennartz and Chairman Spencer Malloy. A petition was filed to the Board of Arbitration against the aforementioned by five members of UPUA who claim that the group violated UPUA budgetary policy.

In the three page Writ of Mandamus filed today, the plaintiff states that the iPads “should be taken immediately and securely into the care of the Board of Arbitration so to protect the Chain of Custody of Evidence and to prevent any tampering until the matter has been resolved.”

According to Board of Arbitration Chief Justice Ryan Thomas, the defendants have until midnight tomorrow (January 11th) to file a response to the petition for review. At that point, the BOA will vote on whether or not to hear the case. If the the BOA votes to hear the case, it will then move to a hearing and rule on this Writ of Mandamus.

Hell hath no fury like the Board of Arbitration and a UPUA budgetary policy violation. It’s time to buckle up.

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