THON Dancers can Prepare with Fitness Course

With THON weekend rapidly approaching, you might be worrying about how well your body will be able to handle the no sitting, no sleeping 46-hour dance marathon if you are lucky enough to dance. If that sounds like you, don’t worry — UPUA has been working with THON Overall Chairperson Will Martin and Morale Overall Melanie Sessa as well as fitness coordinator Jill Garrigan to help you out.

A THON prep class will be held every Monday and Wednesday from 6:00 to 6:30 p.m. in 126 White Building. This class will allow dancers, moralers, committee members, and other THON enthusiasts to get their bodies ready for the long and intense THON weekend.  However, the class is not just limited to students preparing for THON. All students are welcome to take this class, even if it’s just for fun! A Penn State fitness pass or $3 in Lions Cash is needed to participate.

According to the PSU Fitness facebook page, the class will include a short warm up section, then move onto a short but intense cardio segment to get your heart rate up, then continue with core work to improve posture and balance and finish with some stretches that can be used to keep you loosened up during THON weekend.

While the class is aimed for all fitness levels, students hoping to participate should bring water, a sweat towel, tennis shoes, and a good attitude.

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