“Workaholics” and Life After College

Yes, it’s all true. This whole college thing is a big sham. You’re going to push your mind to its mental limits as you continuously exhaust your body with early wake up calls and long jaunts all over the damn place. And, after all that, you get a piece of paper and no dream job.

In the words of Adam, Ders, and Blake from Comedy Central’s “Workaholics,” — that is totally loose butthole.

The guys return with their fourth season of the slacker sitcom tonight, and I am excited. Watching the show as a sophomore in college when it first aired in 2011, I can remember being at ease thinking about how far off I was from the dreaded job search

Just last season, I was comforted when we as viewers learned that these hilarious morons had met in college. They’re still living the dream — all of the freedom of the college lifestyle (with a pool) and no Scantron tests or busy work. And they have…great…jobs?

In case you’ve never seen the show, the boys are telemarketers (and we all feel like this from time to time). Seniors, how many times have we heard about how “rough” the job market is and how “no one is hiring” and “you probably won’t get your dream job”?

We’ve been bracing ourselves for awhile, but it’s not completely hopeless. The urge to prolong the social aspects of the college experience will linger, and that’s normal. As long as you don’t model your post-college plans after someone like Adam Demamp, you should be just fine.

Seniors, do your work and start applying, but make sure you still have some time to get weird this semester while you still can.

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