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Penn State’s Fashion Faux Pas

The winter season causes everyone to bring out some of their less desirable fashion choices. Of course, no matter what the season, people are always going to wear some pretty ridiculous things. Particularly in the winter, comfort usually wins over style. But all can be forgiven! Here’s a list of some of the *ahem* unflattering things people wear around campus. If you’re guilty of wearing some (or all) of these things, don’t worry! It happens to the best of us.

  • We’re Not in High School Anymore!
    Sure, wearing letterman jackets with your varsity sport (or academics, if your school was cool enough for that) may look pretty snazzy, but if you’re still wearing your letterman jacket from high school, it might be time to put it away. They ooze retro style, but we’re in college. We’re at Penn State. Nobody cares if you were best of the best in high school. You’d probably look cooler wearing a snazzy Penn State letterman jacket instead.While I’m on the topic of not being in high school anymore, wearing high school gear, or those god-awful “(Insert Beach Here) Senior Week 2012” shirts, tanks, hoodies, whatever, to classes is an instant way to spot a freshman. If you’re working out, or have a Kines class where you do some hardcore workouts, wearing old high school T-shirts is okay. There’s one exception to this: if you had a totally awesome T-shirt from a club, sports team, or even musical production that has some really sweet art, then by all means, show it off…unless it’s a lax pinnie. Nobody wants to see that. Get over it, bro.
  • Cold Weather Confusion
    People, when the temps reach below zero wind chills, unless you’re the PSU Boombox Guy, in what world is it okay to wear flip flops to class? Actually, if there’s a blizzard outside, and you’re wearing flip flops, you look rather silly. How are your feet not freezing? If you’re going to the gym and wearing shorts, how are you not cold either? I understand if you have a short walk to the gym from your dorm or apartment, but if you’re walking from Downtown to the White Building, wouldn’t it make more sense to put on some sweatpants before you go out?
  • Headgear
    There are people out there who at least try to dress appropriately in the cold weather. Sometimes their definition of “staying warm” involves wearing a hat of some sort. Some people (myself included), love wearing hats that feature an animal of some sort on them, which usually means it has animal ears attached to it. If it’s a Nittany Lion hat, there’s nothing wrong with that because you’re showing some school spirit. Of course, if your hat features horns, instead of ears, you look even crazier. Do you really want to be known as the person wearing an incredibly detailed water buffalo hat to class? There’s also bomber hats. They look awesome on some people, but not on everyone. They have the wonderful upside of keeping your head warm, but do you really need one in obnoxious colors or fancy materials? Unless you plan on hunting, you just look silly. Finally, guys, when you wear beanies pulled back above your hairline, you’re aware that it could fall off if it gets too gusty outside, right? You don’t want to be that person running after your hat on a windy day when you’re running late to class, do you?
  • UGG, What is on Your Feet?
    Uggs are everywhere, and they’re clearly not going away anytime soon. Sequined Uggs, super furry Uggs, Uggs with the top turned down so your leg looks like it’s got some sort of weird beast growing out of it, FUggs (fake Uggs), Uggs with tassels, UGH. It’s even worse when those Ugg-ly boots are paired with obnoxiously patterned leggings, VS Pink sweatpants, Juicy Couture sweat suits, or shorts. I mean, we live in Pennsylvania, not California. Also, Uggs are not snow boots, so why would you even wear them out in the snow? Water seeps right through them! Why would you want to ruin expensive (or not) boots like that? Also, let’s talk about Sperry boots. I’m not talking about the rain boots or snow boots that the company makes, but rather, a boot version of their popular boat shoe. Why is this even a thing? It’s like you’re wearing shoes that are trying too hard to be Converse, but still have that sleek Sperry look we all have come to know and love.
  • You’re a Barbie Girl?
    Ladies, if you are wearing anything with rhinestones, sequins, or any sort of plastic jewels all over your clothing, just…why? There’s nothing wrong with having some sparkle in moderation, but when your whole outfit makes you look like Ke$ha threw up on you, clearly you went overboard. This includes outfits any sort, like VS Pink sweatshirt paired with sequined hair accessories and bedazzled backpacks. And shoes, but that’s a no-brainer. Wearing Juicy Couture sweat suits with the word “JUICY” emblazoned on your butt in some sort of shiny material or yes, sequins, isn’t cute either. Actually, anything with words written on the butt isn’t cute. We’re supposed to be in college, not act like famous socialites. It’s just not a flattering look. It’s 2013, not 2005.
  • Raining Bubbles
    What is up with those clear umbrellas that make people look like Bubble Boy? Yeah, I get it. You’re trying to keep your hair from turning into a monster, and I guess your whole upper body from getting wet too, but you just look completely absurd. Why can’t you be a normal person with an umbrella and worry about the wind taking them like everybody else on the planet?

People of Penn State, please take note of this list. You can improve your wardrobe by cutting out some of the aforementioned things. Your closet (and everybody around you) will thank you later.

Are there any trends we missed that really grind your gears? Let us know in the comments! 

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