Day: February 10, 2013

Paterno Lawyer Issues a Statement on a Statement

But to be serious, Wick Sollers, the Paterno family lawyer, issued the follow statement on Louis Freeh's response to the Paterno investigative report unveiled today. Sollers addresses the contradictory claim that Freeh made about Paterno refusing to be interviewed, which we pointed out earlier. The statement can be found below in full:

Louis Freeh Contradicts Himself in Statement

As I delved into the Paterno family report today and Louis Freeh's subsequent statement, I couldn't help but notice an alarming discrepancy and one that could mean a lot about the personalities we're dealing with here.

Paterno Rebuttal Blasts Freeh Report

This morning, a critique of the Freeh report made landfall. Commissioned by the Paterno family and conducted by a Washington law firm, King & Spalding, the report offered a harsh rebuttal to the claims made in the Freeh report.

Louis Freeh Responds to Paterno Report

Louis Freeh has issued a response to the independent report released by the Paterno family, standing by his investigation conducted this summer. The Paterno report is highly critical of Freeh's investigation and the conclusions he reached about Joe Paterno in the Freeh report.

Paterno Family Releases Investigative Report [PDF]

The full text of the report commissioned by the Paterno family containing the results of an investigation carried out by Wick Sollers, an attorney of the King & Spalding law firm based in Washington D.C.