How to be Single and Stay Sane on Valentine’s Day

If you happen to find yourself without a significant other on Valentine’s Day, you probably also find yourself trying not to a commit double murder on the happy couples around you. The word “baby” might make you want to throw up, and you might even be temped to barricade yourself in your room until the love-fest is over. To help you weather the waves of cynicism, or  *GASP* maybe even enjoy yourself, here’s a list of ways to stay sane on Valentine’s Day.

1. While everyone else is sharing a dessert under dim romantic lighting, revisit Catie Simpson’s post on how to make cake in a mug. You still get delicious chocolate cake, and you don’t have to share!

2. In lieu of a cuddle session with that special someone, buy yourself a stuffed animal to cuddle. If you’re feeling creepy, give it a name. Bonus points if it’s holding a cheesy saying or heart attached to it.

3. Lose yourself in a show. Eisenhower Auditorium is one of the stops the Broadway tour of The Addams Family Musical, and they just so happen to be performing tonight at 7:30pm. Buy a single ticket, lose yourself in the singing, dancing, and ghoulish fun. Once the lights go down, no one will be able to tell you are alone, and you might even forget too.

4.  Blast girl power music full volume. Today might just be the day you relearn all the moves to the Single Ladies dance, or, if you are still feeling super depressed, no one will judge you if you end up recreating this scene from Bridget Jones’ Diary. Well, they might judge you a little.

5. Celebrate a different kind of love. Though it’s typically about romantic love, Valentine’s Day can be about whatever love you want to celebrate. Maybe go out with your single girlfriends, pig out on chocolate with your roommate, or do something kind for yourself. Just because you aren’t someone’s other half right now doesn’t mean you can’t remember the other people in your life that make you smile.

And if all else fails, hang out with the only two men you’ll ever need in your life: Ben and Jerry’s. And remember that Valentine’s Day candy will be discounted tomorrow.

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