Drumline Plays Skrillex – DrumCam Footage

Earlier tonight, before THON 2013 officially started, the Blue Band Drumline played as part of the Pre-THON performances. They played a popular DCI piece called Double Beat overtop of  Skrillex’s song “Cinema“, which featured the first appearance of the Nittany Lion at THON 2013, with him jumping over the drummers and dancing along! Check out our exclusive snare-cam footage from the perspective of the drummers below!

Footage Courtesy of Blue Band Snare Drummer Zach Orenstein (@Zorenstein)

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Grant is the Internal Manager for Onward State, and to be entirely honest we're not quite sure what that means. When not OnwardStating, Grant spends way too much time in the student government (UPUA) office, making failed attempts at being funny, and playing music loudly in open, public forums.


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