Dancer Update: Jerry Agosta, Hour 10

Adding to our list of dancers we’re following, we now have Jerry Agosta. Jerry is a senior and he is representing the Penn State Marketing Association (PSMA) on the dance floor. Catching up with Jerry at hour 10, all he could do was smile and laugh. Here’s what Jerry had to say about the first (almost) quarter of his THON 2013 journey:

“Hello World!

“So, first I gotta say that THON is incredible! From the walk over, through the human tunnel, to being on the floor, it’s been such an incredible experience. The food’s great, my moraler’s great, and everyone here is…well, great! It’s still pretty early on, so everything’s going as well as I can expect it to – which is AWESOME!

“I’ve got a lot of support out here from friends (<3 yah Ryan) and my committee when they can get floor time. It’s been pretty much flawless.

“I guess the last thing I wanna say is that it’s such an incredible experience being on the floor as compared to being in the stands or on a committee. It’s an unimaginable experience.

And that’s it for now! Sorry if I was a bit repetitive there!”

We will check back in with Jerry soon!

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