The Wondershop Showdown Wows the BJC

It was the first time the Wondershop Showdown played at THON, but I have to say that they could very well be my favorite performance thus far this year (despite my bias).

The band took the stage Saturday afternoon, opening with a kickass rendition of “Sell Out” by Reel Big Fish. The crowd immediately started bouncing around in approval.


After their set opener, it was awesome cover after awesome cover. The Wondershop Showdown made every song sound like an original, whether it was Modest Mouse, Billy Joel or even Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl.” They even went out on a limb and showcased their original single “One” that will be featured on their new album, due to release within the next month.

The band continued through their hour-long set playing crowd favorites like “500 Miles,” “Little Talks,” and “The Impresion That I Get.” By the time they reached the set closer, “Alive With the Glory of Love,” the Bryce Jordan Center was alive with the sound of ska.

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