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Day: March 20, 2013

Penn State Spills Its Guts

Forget barbers or manicurist, it appears that Penn State has found a new way to confess their deepest, darkest, drunkest secrets: Social Media. Over the course of this year alone, Penn State has seen a rise in media outlets aimed toward students posting secrets or confessions. It appears as though we, as a student body, have more problems and "haven't even started real life yet" crises for just one of these types of social media sites. Thus PSU Confesses was born.

An Ode to 8 a.m. Classes

Penn Staters have long embraced a culture where the absolute WORST thing about Penn State is attending an 8 a.m. class. To those Negative Nancy Nittany Lions, you have yet to see the light!

Shoptiques, a Fashionable Start-Up

Start-Up Week is upon us here at Penn State, showcasing the "success of young entrepreneurs and innovators in technology and security." But did you know that some start-ups go beyond all of that? Some utilize technology to bring stores from all over the world to one place online, where you can shop from the comfort of your own room, without stepping foot on a plane. That's where Shoptiques comes into play.

Heard But Not Seen: 15 Types Of Horrible Hallmates

We've all got 'em. The hallmates you don't always see, but experience plenty of throughout the day. Living in a dorm/apartment can be rough as you're constantly surrounded by hundreds of people, most of whom don't keep the same schedule as you. Worst of all, the walls in the dorms seem to be paper thin, and we've all ended up hearing (and smelling) some things we wish we hadn't. We've complied a list of the worst offenders -- read on to make sure you're not on the list!

“Penn State Reads” — But Will It?

As a new program for the Class of 2017, University Park is implementing a common reading program, called Penn State Reads. The first book of the program will be Beautiful Souls: The Courage and Conscience of Ordinary People in Extraordinary Times, by author Eyal Press. Students will be expected to be prepared for discussions and events planned around the book when they arrive in the fall. But here's the thing: It's not as part of a class, and there is no real way of making a program set up like this mandatory. So will anyone actually do it?

Procrastination: A Diary of the Wait-Till-Last-Minuter

Procrastination: the infectious disease that most can't seem to shake, the kryptonite of the common student. No matter how many things we write out in our planner or how productive we tell ourselves we are going to be, we always have those Thursday nights at 11:30 when a 10-page paper is due at midnight...and we aren't even sure what we're supposed to be writing about.

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