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Jillian Gordon

A farm girl and a smarty pants from Eastern PA. Lover of dogs, Brand New, Kitten Mittens, sunshine and Flyers hockey.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra to rock “The Lost Christmas Eve” One Final Time

Rock opera group Trans-Siberian Orchestra will stop in Happy Valley on November 15th. Known for their unique musical style, incorporating a mixture classical, orchestral, and progressive pieces into hard rock with a splash of heavy metal, the group will perform as part of their Lost Christmas Eve Tour at the Bryce Jordan Center.

Bad Day for Corbett, Quinnipiac Poll Shows

Tom Corbett isn't having such a great day. After the announcement that U.S. District Judge Yvette Kane threw out his lawsuit against the NCAA, a Quinnipiac poll was released showing that Pennsylvania voters believe that the situation at Penn State will be crucial in next year's election.

Penn State Knows Grass

Penn State can add another accomplishment to its winning traditions by becoming the first university ever to have alumni overseeing the course facilities for all three U.S. major golf tournaments; the U.S. Open, the PGA Championship and the Masters.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Telling My Story

As many of you know, April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and it is something that means a lot to me personally. Often a cause such as this gains attention but not a lot of support, simply because many people don't understand. Today, I want to tell you my story, and maybe then we can begin to understand.

Urban Gaming Club: More Than Just Eating Brains

Arriving a few minutes early for the Urban Gaming Club meeting, I sat by myself in an empty room in Willard wondering what exactly the next hour of my life was going to be like. I had expected this meeting to be sitting in a classroom with Nerf darts flying in the air, people talking over one another and general dysfunctional every where. For the most part, I was right. But I was also surprisingly wrong.

Eat Ice Cream, Pet Baby Animals, Learn about Agriculture!

If you love baby animals and ice cream (do people who don't like either of those even exist?) then the College Of Agricultural Sciences has an event for you! Tomorrow from 10-4 is the College's annual Ag Day, an event with the purpose of showcasing why agriculture is important in our every day lives.

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